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Thalia, a Mexican singer and actress, born August 26, 1971 in Mexico City, Mexico, is one of the most popular Mexican soap opera actresses.

Biography and life story of celebrity in English.

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Name in English: Thalia
Full real name: Arianda Thalia Sodi Miranda
Nationality: Mexico
Language: Spanish, French, Latin
Religion: Christianity
Date of birth: August 26, 1971
Place of birth: Mexico City, Mexico
Age: 51 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Profession: Singer, Actress, Record Producer, Composer
Genre: Latin Pop, Mexican TV Shows
Years of activity: 1981 – present
Social status: Married
Husband: Tommy Mottola (2000-present)
Sons: 2
Father: Ernesto Sodi Pajeras
Mother: Yolanda Miranda
Brothers: Laura, Ernestina

Biography, Life story

Thalia was born on August 26, 1971 in the Spanish Hospital in Mexico City, Mexico. Her father’s name is Ernesto Sudi Pajeras and her mother’s name is Yolanda Miranda. From a young age they call her in their house by the name of Yuya. She is the youngest of her sisters, Laura and Ernestina. She did not have enough time to get to know her father more, because he had died of a serious illness when she was 5 years old. She has lived with the dream of fame since she was young. Since her birth, her father has guided her into the world of acting and music. At the age of one she was introduced to the world of Mexican television. She did not have an ordinary childhood. While children of her age were playing with dolls, she was preparing for a talent contest, accompanied by her mother. This is how the largest part of her childhood and adolescence passed, by presenting TV shows and competitions to show her extraordinary talents. From the age of 4, she began taking ballet and piano lessons at the Mexican Conservatory.

She started acting in 1981 with small roles in films such as La guerra De Los pasteles. In 1981, she participated as a member of the group “Din Din” in the Juguemos a Cantar Festival. Within this band, she was able to record 4 albums, and after leaving the band, she was able to participate alone in the same festival. In 1984, she appeared as a member of the musical comedy “Vaselina”, first as a choir and later as Sandy. During this event, she became acquainted with the children’s group “Timbiriche” and became a part of it in the same year. She recorded her first album with the band Timibiriche VII in 1986, and it was the band that gave her fame.

She made her first steps as a television actress in the series “Pobre Señorita Limantour” as Diana. And in late 1987, her second series “Quinceañera” came out, and it was a great success alongside actress Adela Noriega and directed by Carla Estrada. The best thing that happened to her was at the hands of director Valentin Pimpstein, who chose her to represent the “three women”: Marimar, Maria Mercedes and Maria, the daughter of the neighborhood. Since then, she has gained her status as a singer and actress, and has achieved international fame, until her arrival in her latest series, “Rosalinda” alongside actor Fernando Carrillo. Thalia stayed only 4 years with the band “Timbiriche” and started as a soloist on her first album under the title “Thalia” produced by Alfredo Díaz Ordaz.

In 1991 and 1992, she released the album “Mundo de Cristal” and the album “Love”. In 1995, under the auspices of Emilio Estefan, she recorded her fourth studio album En éxtasis, changing her label to EMI Music. Her closeness to Emilio Estefan represented an important period in her artistic life, thus obtaining impressive results in all her recordings, such as “Piel Morena” and “Arrasando” later on. In 1996, her stardom crossed the borders of Mexico, reaching Miami, Brazil, the Philippines and even Indonesia. In 1997, “Amor a la Mexicana” was also produced by Emilio and she performed the movie song “Anastasia” from the Spanish EP. She also performed the song “Echa pa’lante” from the album Dance, which also featured Chayanne and Vanessa Williams. She also works as: radio presenter, fashion designer, poet. She has now become one of the most famous Mexican and even international women thanks to her effort and talent, and one of her most famous cinematic works is “Mambo Café”. She also participated in theater with Crease. In Spain, she worked as an animator alongside Emilio Aragón in the TV show Vip Guay. In her work she was always accompanied by her mother, who acted as her manager from the beginning, she provided her with the main support and thanks to her she got this great success. In 2000, Talia married the former head of Sonic Music, businessman Tommy Mottola and they currently live in New York City. In 2007, she joined the “American Broadcasting Company|ABC Network” to start presenting her weekly radio program “The Conexión Thalía Radio Show”, in which she talks about music, fashion and news on the radio. In the same year, in a special scoop for ¡Hola! The Mexican woman announced her pregnancy for the first time, as she announced through the magazine that her next child will be a girl. In the same year, she gave birth to her daughter, Sabrina Sakaë, from Tommy Mottola.

After an absence from the music scene for 3 years without a new presentation, Talia returned with the album Lunada, but the album failed miserably and did not achieve any significant sales. She justified the failure of her album by promoting it poorly. Due to the failure of the album, she terminated her contract with EMI.
Her album sales have exceeded 19 million worldwide.

List of works – Discography


• 1990: Thalía • 1991: Mundo de Cristal • 1992: Love • 1995: En Éxtasis • 1997: Nandito Ako • 1997: Amor a la Mexicana • 2000: Arrasando • 2002: Thalía • 2003: (Thalía (English album) • 2005 : El Sexto Sentido • 2008: Lunada • 2010: Primera Fila • 2012: “Habitame Semper” • 2013: “Viva Kids” • 2014: “Amore Mio” • 2016: “Latina”.

List of works – Filmography


• 1987: Pobre Señorita Limantour • 1987: Quinceañera • 1989: Luz y Sombra • 1992: María Mercedes • 1994: Marimar • 1995: María la del Barrio • 1999: Rosalinda.


• 1999: Mambo Café.