Sabreen (Actress)

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Sabreen, Egyptian actress, born 4 October 1967 in Cairo, Egypt.

Biography and life story of celebrity in English.

Basic info wiki card

Name in English: Sabreen
Name in Arabic: صابرين
Full real name: Sabreen Yassin Abdullah
Nationality: Egypt
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: October 4, 1967
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 54 years (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Libra
Profession: Actress
Genre: Egyptian and Arab series
Years of activity: 1975 – 1999، 2006 – present
Social status: Married
Ex-husband: Yasser Abdul Latif (businessman)
Current husband: Tariq Sadik Jalal
Sons: Noor, Youssef, Ali, Omar

Biography, Life story

صابرين - Sabreen

Sabreen was born on 4 October 1967 in Cairo, Egypt. She is the daughter of the artist’s sister Naima Akif. She grew up in a family known for circus games. She began acting at the age of four through small roles, after which she had numerous experiences with singing at the age of 12, but was free to act and was known for her multiple roles in her youth and for some film and television work. In 1999 she was assigned to present Umm Kulthum’s character in a series telling her personal life, titled Umm Kulthum, although during the series she achieved great success but decided to retire from acting and wore a headscarf in 1999 and then unloaded to offer some religious programmes. In 2006 she decided to return to the artwork by participating in the series Kashkul for every citizen, and has continued the artwork to date.

Sabreen married a businessman (Yasser Abdul Latif) with whom she had her son (Noor), but after the decision to retire in 1999 they separated because she wore a hijab, and after a while she married Tariq Sadik Jalal and had 3 children (Youssef, Ali and Omar).

List of works – Filmography


Abu Alwafa flight, accompanied, sons (x), the night of Fatima’s arrest (1982), Al-Muharsa 85, Mr. Abu Al-Ali Al-Haniya Journey 1, High Girls (1985), Ferfish, and we won case (1986), she and others, meeting II (1988), sevence, lower white rose, halo and dervish (1990), Idiah Hakmat (1991), Nights of Hilimiyah 4 (1992), Nile still taking place (1993), Nights of the Nightmare 5 (1995), Ahalina (1996), Huanem Garden City 1, Harra al-Muharasa (1997), Republic of Zafti (1998), Umm Kalthum (1999), as a shell for every citizen (2006), Mayor Hanem, El Fanar (2008), Shaima Al-Qaitar Al-Sky, Samhani Ya’am, Sheikh Al-Arab Hamam (2010), Moment of Birth, The Names of Abu Bakr’s Daughter, Valley of Kings, Dream and Don’t Matter to You, Awareness (2011), Ward and Shook, Muhammad Ali (2012), Guava Theory, Doubt (2013), Dr. Nsa Disease (2014).


Winter bills, my wife’s will (x), sweeter love than love (1975), King of Tax (1976), beneath the Hadi surface (1985), girls and unknown, well of illusions, furnished burials for rent (1986), lane of substance, utopia, price of alienation, casual Halji in the monument case (1987), assassination of a school, me, agony and hook, friends of the devil, daughter of bacha minister, hunter of dreams, I chose my life, machicati, gram snakes (1988), I’m not a killer, lucky boys, Agent No. 13. (1989), Rasha Adventures, Division and Share, Virgin and Scorpion, Fraud (1990), Under Quarter, People Oh (1991), Bahloun Trail, Patience Nights (1992), Playing With Villains, 131 Works, Knights of the Last Time (1993), Les Ya Minima, Souq Al Hannam (1994), Angry (1996).


Harami and two thieves (x), Shehatin (1985), Princess Al-Hassan (1986 voice representation), bird of mind flew (1987), Operette Travel (1988 Opera), Minister of Events (1989 Alfazir), on the board (1993), Hamri Jamri (1995), Shahtot in Beirut (TV soiree 1995), groom by accident (TV soiree 1998), I only own myself (2009 radio series), my aunt Safiya Waldir, Al-Adl Onta (2010), Women in the Life of Prophets (2010 radio series).