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Sabah, a Lebanese singer and actress, was born on November 10, 1927 in Badaoun – Lebanon, and died on November 26, 2014 in Beirut, Lebanon. Her real name is Janet Gerges Feghali.

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Name in English: Sabah
Name in Arabic: Sabah
Full real name: Janet Gerges Feghali
Nickname: Al-Shahrura, Al-Sabouha, Al-Ostora
Nationality: Lebanon
Language: Arabic, Lebanese dialect
Religion: Christianity
Date of birth: November 10, 1927
Place of birth: Badaoun, Lebanon
Date of death: November 26, 2014
Place of death: Beirut, Lebanon
Age: 87 years, 0 months and 16 days (on death 2014)
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Profession: Singer, Actress
Years of activity: 1943-2009
Sons: Howida

Biography, Life story


Sabah was born on November 10, 1927 in Badaoun, and she is the sister of actress Lamia Feghali. She started her work in art from a young age in Lebanon, and was known locally as (Janet Al-Shahrora), until she was able to attract the attention of the Lebanese film producer Asia Dagher, who was working in Cairo, so she instructed her agent in Lebanon, Caesar Younes, to make an agreement with her for three films at once, so she went away. Assiut – Egypt, where she acted in the movie The Heart Has One in 1945, and during this period the name (Janet Al-Shahrora) disappeared and was replaced by the name (Sabah), and she was about 18 years old at the time. Al-Sunbati was the one who trained her on the songs she would sing in the film, and it is said that he had great difficulty in adapting her voice and teaching her the origins of singing because her mountainous voice was still accustomed to the folkloric songs of Lebanon and Syria.

Sabah was famous for her many marriages, as the number of her husbands reached nine, and they are:

Najeeb Shammas (the father of her son, Dr. Sabah Shammas), and she spent five years with him.
Khalid bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, she spent several months with him and the divorce took place due to pressure from his family to divorce him from her.
Anwar Mansi (Egyptian violinist and father of her daughter Howayda), and she spent four years with him.
Ahmed Farag (Egyptian broadcaster), and she spent three years with him.
Artist Rushdi Abaza, and she spent five months with him.
Artist Youssef Shaaban, and the marriage lasted one month.
Representative Youssef Hammoud, and she spent two years with him.
Artist Wassim Tabbara, with whom she spent four years.
Artist Fadi Lebanon, with whom she spent seventeen years.


After her divorce from Fadi Lebanon, a rumor spread that she wanted to marry Miss Lebanon, Omar Mahiou, and he was 25 years old. It was also said that she is preparing to marry artist Joseph Gharib, her own barber.

And she sees that the majority of her husbands used to take advantage of her fame and wealth for their interests, and she says that they call her (Madame Bank) because she spends money without thinking on the one she loves. She is known for her love of beauty and fashion, and she says, “I hope that if I lose my wealth, I will not lose my beauty and elegance.”

Her daughter, Howayda, suffered a health crisis as a result of her drug addiction in 2006, which forced her to sell her house, stay in a hotel, and admit her daughter to a clinic in California, in the United States. In early 2009, according to press reports, Huwaida’s health began to improve, and therefore she decided to send her back to live with her in Lebanon. The former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi had offered her residence in a luxurious mansion in Libya, but she refused to leave her country, Lebanon, so he decided to buy her a house in the Hazmieh area for one million US dollars.

A series was created that tells the story of her life, called Al-Shahrora, which was shown in Ramadan 2011, and Carole Samaha embodied her role.

She passed away in the morning of Wednesday, November 26, 2014, at her residence in Beirut – Lebanon, at the age of 87.

List of works


Sabah participated in the Egyptian cinema, and she has a large number of films that she is considered one of its stars, in addition to a large number of songs.
She has produced 83 Egyptian and Lebanese films, 27 Lebanese plays, and more than 3,000 Egyptian and Lebanese songs. She is considered the second Arab artist after Umm Kulthum in the late sixties to sing at the Olympia Theater in Paris with the Romeo Lahoud Show Band in the mid-seventies of the twentieth century. , as well as on Las Vegas and other theaters.

She also participated in many festivals such as: Baalbek, Jbeil, Beiteddine. Among the plays she performed:
Among the works of Al-Rahbanah – Baalbek: Season of Splendor (1960), Wheels of Air (1965), The Citadel, and The Waterfall.
Among the works of her husband, the artist Wassim Tabbara: Sitt al-Kul (1973), Helwa Kathir (1977), The Honeymoon.
Asfour Safa, Sitt al-Kul, Legend 1, Legend treasure
From the works of Romeo Lahoud: Phenicia
Her last work was the song (Yana Yana), which she previously presented, but she returned and presented it with a new musical arrangement, and the Lebanese singer Rola Saad participated with her.