Rima Saliha

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Rima Saliha, a Lebanese broadcaster, working for Al-Arabiya Channel as a presenter of news releases, was born in the 20th century in Lebanon.

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Name in English: Rima Saliha
Name in Arabic: ريما صالحة
Nationality: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Religion: Islam (Druze)
Date of birth: 20th century
Place of birth: Lebanon
Residence: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Profession: Broadcaster, Presenter
Genre: News, Political Programs

Biography, Life story

ريما صالحة Rima Saliha

Rima Saliha was born in the 20th century in Lebanon to a Peruvian family. She was a Lebanese broadcaster who worked on Kuwait TV, then took to Al Jazeera, then went on to work on Al Arabiya as a prelude to the news, as well as an interlocutor on the death industry programme. The US media described her as the most encouraging Arab broadcaster because of her engagement in thorny topics related to armed violence groups and her discussion of the ideas of extremists and terrorist groups in her programme, which exposed her to numerous threats including in 2007 a death threat posted on Al Jazeera Tok, A website of Al Jazeera satellite channel Qatar, also run by journalists, broadcasters, presenters and correspondents working on Al Jazeera, Those threats have provoked a wave of media condemnation in the press and television community.

In 2010, Rima Saliha released a book with her fellow Egyptian journalist Ali Bresha entitled Death Industry Experience Life about their joint experience in producing the Death Industry program on Al Arabiya Channel over four years.

Awards and Honors

Rima Saliha was named the Arab World’s Best Broadcaster and Presenter for 2009 in the annual Gulf Flower Magazine referendum, in which 77 critics and media from across the Arab world participated and received 91% of the vote.