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Nasser Al Qasabi, a Saudi comedian, was born on November 28, 1961 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Basic info wiki card

Name in English: Nasser Al Qasabi
Name in Arabic: ناصر القصبي
Full real name: Nasser bin Qasim Al Qasabi
Nationality: Saudi
Language: Arabic, Gulf dialect
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: November 28, 1961
Place of birth: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Age: 60 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Profession: Actor
Genre: Comedy
Years of activity: 1984 – present
Social status: Married
Wife: Badria Al-Bishr (Saudi writer)
Sons: Rakan, Muhannad, Hala

Biography, Life story

Nasser Al Qasabi was born on November 28, 1961 in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. He is a graduate of the College of Agriculture from King Saud University, and is considered one of the most important comedians in the Gulf and the Arab world. He began his artistic career by acting in the university theater, while his real appearance He was in the play The Wanderer, then he started working on television since the mid-eighties in many dramas, including: (The Return of Aswaid, The Beginning of the End, The Palace, We Are All Children of a Village, 37 Degrees Celsius), he was very famous for his comedy series Tash Ma Tash, of which he presented 18 episodes. A part and considered one of the best comedy series in the Gulf and the Arab world with the participation of the artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan, with whom he formed a successful duo that lasted for twenty-five years, during which he presented many comic series and plays, until they separated from each other in 2012 due to his lack of agreement to represent other parts. From the series Tash Ma Tash.

He is one of the members of the jury of the talent show Arabs Got Talent, which he joined in its second season in 2012 after the Egyptian media Amr Adib withdrew from the program. He also participated in its three season in 2013 and the Egyptian artist Ahmed Helmy joined the jury, as well as the fourth season in 2014/2015.

In Ramadan 2015, he played the lead role in season 1 of the series (Selfie), which was shown on MBC, and the singer Rashid Al Majed performed the beginning and end of it.
In Ramadan 2016, season 2 of the series (Selfie) was released.
In Ramadan 2017, season 3 of the series (Selfie) was released.
In Ramadan 2018, season 4 of the series (Selfie) was released.

Personal and emotional life

Nasser Al Qasabi married the Saudi writer Badria Al-Bishr, and he had children with her, Rakan, Muhannad, and Hala.

List of works – Filmography


The Return of Asweid (1985), The Beginning of the End (1990), Abu Mishaab (1992), Tash Ma Tash – 18 seasons – separate episodes (1992-2011), Al-Sarraj (1994), Al-Qasr (1999), Stay with Me 7, A Little Salt ( 2002), Abu Al-Asafir (2004), Black and White (2005), We Are All Children of a Village (2008), 37 Degrees Celsius, My Neighbor Ya Hammouda – Separate Episodes (2009), Children’s Recklessness – Animation, Wi-Fi – Episode of the Terrible Announcer (2012) ), Abu Millions (2013), Selfie – C1 (2015), Selfie – C2 (2016), Selfie – C3 (2017), Selfie – C4 (2018).


Owais the Nineteenth, The Lost (1984), Under the Chairs (1985), Odeh Hammoud and Muhaimid (1986), Weld Al-Deira (1989).

TV movies

Understand me (1985), Hammoud and Muhaimid, Ahlam Salloum (1987), Rafqat Darb.. We fell asleep (1988), black and white.

Awards and Honors

He won the first golden award for his role in the series “The Palace” from the Seventh Gulf Festival for Radio and Television (2000).
Karam is among the 43 most influential personalities in the Arab world by Newsweek magazine (2005).