Mohamed Sobhi

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Mohamed Sobhi, Egyptian actor, author and theatre director, born 3 March 1948 in Cairo, Egypt.

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Basic info wiki card

Name in English: Mohamed Sobhi
Name in Arabic: محمد صبحي
Full real name: Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Sobhy
Nationality: Egypt
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: 3 March 1948
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 74 years (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Profession: Actor, Author, Theatre Director
Genre: Theatre, Drama
Years of activity: 1975 – present
Social status: Married
Wife: Nevin Ramez
Sons: Karim, Mary

Biography, Life story

Mohamed Sobhi was born on 3 March 1948 in Cairo, Egypt. The Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts graduated from the Department of Acting and Directing with Honours in 1971, qualifying him as the Institute’s retriever, but he left teaching and founded (the actor’s studio) as an actor and director. As a young child, he lived with his family in the Sharif land area near Muhammad Ali Street, which was called Art Street in which there were many theatres, cinemas and nightclubs, And this was a good opportunity for the little one to follow all the movies with them. His father also had a film machine through which he watched many ballet dancing films.

Mohammed Sobhy began working in theatre in 1968 through small roles as Compars in many plays in 1980 being a “Studio 80” band with his friend Lenin Sandly, The duo of Lenin, an actor and director, often succeeded in presenting a set of the most successful plays of this period. You are free, barbaric, Baghdan, Kharefat. “

Mohamed Sobhy began working on television in the mid-1970s through the series “Opportunity of a Lifetime”, and then moved away from it to return in 1984 through his famous and successful series “Journey of a Million” in Part I and II. At the beginning of the 1990s he presented the series Snuble, and in 1994 he started presenting a character. Through the Arab Family Series (Diary of Weiss) in eight parts, in the middle of the new millennium he presented several series, the most important of which (Fares without a horse, a very poor rich man) and in 2009 he returned to a character The sixth part is presented through the series Diary, Nice and his grandchildren. Weiss’s sons are married and have many grandchildren. He also made the seventh part of the series (Nice and his days) and the eighth part (Weiss, Abdullah and the country).

Mohammed Sobhy married Nevin Ramez from Reza’s family, with whom he had children Karim (computer engineer) and Mary (an English business graduate).

List of works – Filmography


Hallow Shalabi (1969), Alibi Mubarak (1976), Kumbars Season (1968), Lesson Finished Yagby (1975), Alibi Mouhara (1976), Joker (1979), Al-Mahzouz (1981), Int-Hareb (1982), Al-Hamji (1985), Al-Baghdaghan, Banana and 3 Knives (1986), Kharef (1988), Perspective (1989), Eloquent Arabic (1992), Mama America (1998), Nice Family (1995), Carmen, Safety Rail 2000, Game of Six (2000), visit to Old Lady, Hamlet, Romeo and Julette, Oedipus Malka, Fox.


Sons of Silence (1974), Karnak (1975), and parents Ihsan (1976), where to escape (x), Ankle Zizu Habibie (1977), Behind the Sun (1978), Viva Zallata (x), genius five, here Cairo, wounded, Ali Biya appearance and forty Harami (1985), Trainer of Artists (x), Exercise Lawyer (1986), Communication against a Woman, Man with Seven Lives (x), Alfalos and Monsters (1988), We Stole Haramiyah, Agent No. 13 (x), Demon Who Loved Me (1990), Warden, Adam without Cover (x), Teenage Case (1990), Hero of Al-Haq, Naughty 6 (1991).


The Opportunity of Age (1976), How to Lose a Million Pounds (1978), Kemo (1979), Journey of a Million (1987), Sinbel After a Million (1997), Diary and Nice (1994-2011), Shamlul (1999), Knight Without a Horse (2003), Salt of the Earth (2004), and I (2005), Living in the Com( 2006), Very.

Awards and Honors

– 1991 : Dr. Souad Al Sabah Award for Intellectual Creativity.
– 1994 : Honoring and certifying the Arab Theatre Festival in Tunisia.
– 1996 : Best Actor Oscar Award.
– 1996 : Egyptian Catholic Cinema Center Award.
– 1998 : Award for Best Representative of the Radio and Television Union.

– 1998 : Best Actor Oscar.
– 1998 : Best Actor and Director Award (Art Day).
– 1999 : Golden Lion is the best actor and director.
– 1999 : Certificate honoring as a pioneer of the experimental theatre movement from the experimental theatre festival in Cairo.
– 1999 : Pharaoh Man of the Year Award for Art (Star News).

– 2000 : The Golden Lion Award is the best actor and director.
– 2001 : Oscar Middle East Gold Knight Best Director.
– 2003 : Egyptian TV intellectual Oscar.
– 2003 : Tribute from the film festival in Alexandria.
– 2005 : Honoring the artist Al-Kidwa (Mansoura University).

– 2005 : Tribute from Fujairah Festival (Arabic Emirates).
– 2006 : Honoring the International Film Festival for Youth Cinema.
– 2006 : Tribute from the province of Alphium The perfect artist.
– 2007 : Pioneering honors from Ain Shams University.
– 2008 : Honoring as the pioneer of Arab theatre from the University of Throne.

– 2009 : A tribute from the Catholic Cultural Center to the best actor and director of the year.
– 2010 : Honoring the Arab Media Festival in Cairo at the session.
– 2010 : To honour Doha, the capital of Arab culture, in the name of the Knight of Arab Theatre.
– 2011 : Honoring Sharjah Days Theatre Festival Knight of Arab Theatre. March.
– 2011 : Tribute from Bahrain (His Highness Sheikh Isa bin Ali Award for Volunteerism)

– 2013 : Honorary doctorate from American College of California 9 January.
– 2013 : Saudi Stars Foundation Award. March 4.
– 2013 : Honorary Master from British Cambridge College 7 March.
– 2013 : Honoring the University of October 10 March.