Katya Harb

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Katya Harb, Lebanese singer, born 22 November 1976 in Beirut, Lebanon.

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Name in English: Katya Harb
Name in Arabic: كاتيا حرب
Nationality: Lebanon
Language: Arabic, Lebanese dialect
Religion: Christianity
Date of birth: 22 November 1976
Place of birth: Beirut, Lebanon
Age: 45 years (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Profession: Singer
Genre: Lebanese Music
Years of activity: 1992 – present
Brothers: Atef, Rania

Biography, Life story

Katya Harb was born on November 22, 1976 in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. of a low family and intended to become a nun before entering the field of art, but the circumstances reflected it. Her brother Atif Warhar, was her business manager in a period and her sister Rania was also a nun.

She began her singing career through the show (Studio Art – 1992-1993 season) and was then attended by singers Diana Haddad, Northern Claudia, Alyssa, Wael Al-Kafouri, Joanna Mallah, Moeen Sharif and Katya Farah. After the program, Katya went to war in the release of solo songs such as (Le Petaden), and released joint albums with up-and-coming singing sounds in the style of an album (Spring Music Box), (Stars of Studio Art – Part 1) and (New Stars 96) produced by Music Box International, after which she released solo albums, most recently in 2004 with producer Faten Brazy, who ran her business litigation “, until a dispute arose after Fatan accused her of monument and fraud, accusing Katya of disavowing payments estimated at $ 300 thousand when Fatin paid them in favour of the artist, War, representing the allowance of tunes, words, advertisements, travel and residence, but the case ended with Katya winning the judicial appeal on Fatin.

At the summit of her success, she moved away from the artistic arena in 2005 to study theology at the University of Kasslik of the Maronite Monastery and took full time to perform a human message of helping the infirm, orphans and the needy and moved away from the spotlight. After a 7-year interruption from art, Katya decided to return to the singing field beginning in 2012, releasing a religious album entitled “Alien Star”.

List of works – Discography


Sell me (1999), High Door (1998), Delh (2000), Katya 2004 (2004), Alien Star (2012).

Music Videos

On the date, If you count them, the high door, Sell me, Who indicates him, the most beautiful song, we can’t, May Love, Light of birth, Strange star, Lodit.