Hasnaa Seif Eldein

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Hasnaa Seif Eldein, Jordanian actress, of Palestinian origin residing in Egypt, born 24 October 1976 in Morocco.

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Name in English: Hasnaa Seif Eldein
Name in Arabic: حسناء سيف الدين
Full real name: Hasnaa Waddah Mohammed Seif Eldein Al Kilani
Nationality: Jordan
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Residence: Egypt
Origin: Palestine
Date of birth: 24 October 1976
Place of birth: Morocco
Age: 45 years (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Profession: Actress
Genre: Egyptian Series
Years of activity: 2007 – present

Biography, Life story

حسناء سيف الدين - Hasnaa Seif Eldein

Hasnaa Seif Eldein was born on 24 October 1976 in Morocco. Her father, Engineer Wadha Mohammed Seif Eldein Kilani, Head of Planning for Greater Amman and consultant for Greater Amman, held the rank of Minister, her mother Egyptian. Her grandfather, Seif Eldein Al Kilani, was Minister for Reconstruction and Development of Jordan in the Wasfi Hill Government. Studied in Jordan, Secondary and University in Egypt, graduated from Misr International University with an English Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Radio and Television and received skills courses for television broadcasters at BBC London. She made her debut in 2007 in the series “Critical Moments” with Leissra, and then took part in the film “Feminine Moments” with Ola Ghanem, Hussein Imam and a wide range of new faces, proving to be a good actress and praising everyone for her performance. She also filmed 3 series for the show during Ramadan 2007 “Night Foxes, Girls 30, Shadow Warrior”. Artworks have taken place especially on television.

List of works – Filmography


Feminine Moments (2008).


Dreams, Eyes and Ashes, Critical Moments (2007), Girls at 30, Names, Shadow of Warrior, Night Foxes (2008), Sincerity of Promise, Relative Calm, Wild Flower, Feelings on Stock Exchange (2009), Act by Actor, Notorious Memoir, Queen in Exile (2010), MRamadhan Mbroke Abrok Abrak Abouk aba aba aba aba al-ala hamoul-alamah aba hamuda hamudah, written on al-al-al-aleh (2009), al-aleh (2009), al-aleh (2009)