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Wael Kfouri, a Lebanese singer, was born on September 15, 1974 in Zahle, Lebanon.

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Name in English: Wael Kfouri
Name in Arabic: وائل كفوري
Nickname: The Flying Nightingale, Kamel al-Awsab, Spring of the Heart of Youth, Prince and King of Romance, or Prince of Romantic Song
Nationality: Lebanon
Language: Arabic, Lebanese dialect
Religion: Christianity
Date of birth: September 15, 1974
Place of birth: Zahle, Lebanon
Age: 48 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Profession: Singer
Years of activity: 1992 – present
Father: Emile Kfouri
Mother: Huda Charbel Charbel

Biography, Life story

Wael Kfouri was born on September 15, 1974 in Zahle – Lebanon. He learned the performance of mawwal from his father, Mr. Emile Kfouri, who excelled in this field, and his family was one of the most encouraging and pushing him to enter the artistic field, especially his mother, Mrs. Huda.
When Wael finished high school, he went to Beirut to complete his studies at the College of the Holy Spirit at the University of Kaslik
Meanwhile, he met Simon Asmar. He applied to the program and was able to astonish Lebanon and the senior jury, headed by the distinguished artist, Mr. Romeo Lahoud, with his talent and the great vocal capabilities that this distinguished boy possesses.
He participated in the Studio El Fan 92/93 program, in which he participated in the same session: Diana Haddad – Clauda Al-Shamali – Elisa – Katia Harb – Joanna Mallah – Moein Sharif – Katia Farah. He won the gold medal, in addition to being honored by the committee for his unique talent.
After Studio El Fan, Wael’s stardom emerged in a very large way, the likes of which Lebanon has not witnessed so far.
Wael Kfouri’s songs became famous very quickly, especially his first song, “What I promised you with the stars of the night”, which is still being requested and sung all over the Arab world.
One of Wael Kfouri’s most prominent stations was when he sang a duet “Min Habibi Ana” with Nawal Al Zoghbi, which achieved unparalleled success and fame for them during that period.
There is a strange true story that occurred with Wael Kfouri when he sang the song “Maqoul Tishti Bab”, where he presented it for the first time on the LBC Arts House program, and by chance it had already rained at the beginning of this month, that is, two or three days before his appearance, and it is a very rare case that it rains in this The month in Lebanon made many think that Wael sang it specially for the occasion, and the Lebanese still sing this song when it rains in August.

List of works – Discography

– – – With Music Box Company – – –

1994. They saw it and started saying (I didn’t promise you the stars of the night, you taught me to love, night, thunder and wind wind)
Duet “Who is my love?” with Nawal Al Zoghbi.
– A reasonable song, Tashti Bab
1994. Album Meet Vicky (Meet Vicky – They Asked Us and We Answered – Coincidence and We met, Who is my love? I am promised in it, it became to me – they say it was worn by Lulu).
1996. Album After the Two Years (And Longing Called Me for Your Love – After the Two Years / Al-Barnitah – Arrogant – Don’t Make Me Taunt Me with Your Love – I Don’t Deny That I Loved You – I Knocked On Your Door, O Moon).
Her single is “My Happy Kingdom”.
– Wael Kfouri entered the army, and during his military service he released several patriotic songs on several occasions, all of them written by Nizar Francis and composed by Samir Sfeir (Going to the Army, A Letter to My Mother, Valentine’s Day, You Are Written Full of Tears, Share Your Heart, 12 Months)
1997. Album 12 Months (includes all the songs he presented to the army, some of which he filmed in the form of a video clip).
1998. Album Shabak al Hob (Love Arts – Shabak al Hob – Who Unintentionally – Oh, My Eyes Are On You – Tower of France – Longing – I am faithful to your love – Heart, Wound and Longing).
1999. A Lover’s Story album (A Lover’s Story, Whenever You Shine, I’m Going to Your House, The Red Roses Are Searching for His Love, Only Longings, You Are Playing With Fire, You Are Alone My Love, Salamat Salamat).

– – – With Rotana Company – – –

2000. They asked me (They asked me, upsetting all the girls, not too much if I loved you, Aman oh my love, Aman burning my days, night by night, Aman oh my love, the mistake of our life).
2001. What do you think (You are my love…) album.
2003. Omri Chlo album.
Single “Crying Birds”.
We will sing “Jinn El Hawa”.
2004. album near me.
2006. Wael’s album
We will suffer your love.
2007. Behan album (Behin, I miss you a lot, From my heart I loved you, A story of lovers, Come to my mind)
2008. Album I Love You A Lot.
2009. Singles (If we love a mistake, your saying is wrong, the rule of the heart)

– – – Wael Kfouri reconciled with Rotana – – –

Year 2010:
Single “Love Case” (On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2010)
The single “Ma Ra3et Inta” was released at the end of Star Academy 7.

Commercial ads

2006. The Swiss watch company Merz chose the star Wael Kfouri to be its first advertising face in the Middle East, as part of a large campaign on the pages of magazines and on the roads of Arab countries. The photo was photographed in Lebanon under the direction of an international director.
2007. Pepsi International signed with Wael to be the new advertising face of the company in the Middle East, and Pepsi prepared a very huge campaign for this advertisement.
A contract with the LG mobile phone company to be its ambassador. The contract was renewed for two consecutive years due to the success achieved by these phones. Wael filmed a television advertisement in favor of these phones. LG launched a huge campaign for Wael Kfouri, which included competitions, parties and advertisements.

cinematic experience

Wael Kfouri participated in the movie Bahr al-Nujum as his first cinematic experience, and his role was a show in the movie, as he performed his true personality as an artist.
Although he expressed his happiness with this participation, he later expressed his unwillingness to go into the field of cinema again, especially the show roles.

Awards and Honors

Murex d’Or award several times.
Award for the best Lebanese singer from the Lions Club