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Tori Black, whose real name is Michelle Chapman, is an American adult film actress, born August 26, 1988 in Washington, United States.

Biography and life story of celebrity in English.

Basic info wiki card

Name in English: Tori Black
Full real name: Michelle Chapman
Nationality: United States
English language
Religion: Atheism
Date of birth: August 26, 1988
Place of birth: Seattle, Washington, United States
Age: 33 years (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Profession: actress
Genre: Adult Films
Global Rank: 22
Years of activity: 2007 – until now
Social status: married
Husband: Lyndell Anderson
Sons: 2
Length: 1.75 meters
Weight: 64 kg

Biography, Life story

Tori Black was born on August 26, 1988 in Seattle, Washington State in the United States. She is considered one of the most famous adult movie stars in the world. She started working in this field in 2007 and has since acted in more than 300 tapes. She has stated on more than one occasion that she enjoys her work and that she is surprised that she gets paid to star in those films!

On December 16, 2011, she announced on her official website that she had given birth to a baby boy on October 14 with her fiancé Lyndell Anderson. On February 6, 2013, she announced on her official website that she was pregnant with her second child in the fourth month. As of 2014, she married him.

Awards and Honors

She achieved great fame, and received 22 nominations for awards for the genre, which is as important in the adult film world, the Academy Awards for films. She is considered one of the 100 best porn actresses alive.