Shaimaa Sadek

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Shaimaa Sadek, Egyptian actress and presenter, born in the 20th century in Egypt.

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Name in English: Shaimaa Sadek
Name in Arabic: شيماء صادق
Nationality: Egypt
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Residence: Egypt
Date of birth: 20th century
Place of birth: Egypt
Profession: Actress, Presenter
Genre: Drama, Social Programs
Social status: Married

Biography, Life story

شيماء صادق - Shaimaa Sadek

Shaimaa Sadek was born in the 20th century in Egypt. Studied in the field of management information systems Cairo New Academy. She started her media work as a female teacher on a political talk show in a channel (Modern tv) Since its inception, she was still a student, then promoted and worked as a presenter of an art programme, and after the channel was shut down, Shimaa travelled to Yemen to serve as a broadcaster of a competition programme via a channel (Yemen Today), which was a great success, then travelled to Kuwait for an experience that was unsuccessful because of the problems that Kuwait was experiencing at the time, returned to Egypt and joined the Canal (Axis) To critique the morning program (People’s Voice), then move to the channel (Cairo and Nas) Egyptian presenter of the social program (silk thread) which discusses all about the Egyptian society of thorny issues and records the program from the heart of the Egyptian street. She also worked as a news anchor (Egyptian Today) since 2015.

She sparked widespread controversy because of her famous episode of Street Girl under the Silk Thread programme, during which she embodied the role of a handkerchief saleswoman on the streets of Cairo, and for which she was harassed and harassed by passers-by.

Shaima Sadiq participated in Mussili (A Paper Pilot) in 2008 and in the series “Dr. Pathology Nsa” with Egyptian actor Mustafa Shaaban in 2014.

شيماء صادق - Shaimaa Sadek شيماء صادق - Shaimaa Sadek شيماء صادق - Shaimaa Sadek