Sara Ihsan Zada

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Sara Ihsan Zada, an Egyptian actress and presenter, was born in the 20th century in Egypt.

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Name in English: Sara Ihsan Zada
Name in Arabic: سارة احسان زادة
Full real name: Sarah al-Subki
Nationality: Egypt – Turkey
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Origin: Egypt
Date of birth: 20th century
Place of birth: Egypt
Profession: Actress, Presenter
Genre: prank programs, Turkish drama
Social status: Single

Biography, Life story

سارة إحسان زادة - Sara Ihsan Zada

Sara Ihsan Zada was born in the 20th century in Egypt and grew up in Egypt, holding both Egyptian and Turkish nationalities, from an Egyptian father from al-Subki family, and a Turkish mother. She took the surname of her mother’s family (Zada) in the formation of her artistic name. She was famous and recognised by the audience after playing anchor on the prank show On the Egyptian channel CBC in Ramadan 2012, a comedy program whose idea is to invite a couple as guests to a competition program to discover that the wife is in a relationship with the broadcaster who does not stop flirting with him for the duration of the program to provoke the wife to the fullest degree and succeed. She then participated in the programme of pranks (judgement after practice) as a Lebanese who spoke to guests. She disappeared from view for a while, then appeared as an actress through Turkish drama through the Turkish series Winter as Iliv. She had previously participated in more than one Turkish short film through the artistic activities of the Turkish Cultural Centre, which gave her an opportunity to learn about a number of Turkish actors and directors.

She presented a short multilingual video with the media in Fouad’s name to peoples who did not know Arabic in which he told them that what happened in Egypt on June 30 was the revolution and will of the people, and that Egyptians were fighting terrorism.

سارة إحسان زادة - Sara Ihsan Zada سارة إحسان زادة - Sara Ihsan Zada