Samira EL Beloui

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Samira EL Beloui, a Moroccan broadcaster, works for the second Moroccan channel (2M). Introduction to the morning program 2M.

Biography and life story of celebrity in English.

Basic info wiki card

Name in English: Samira EL Beloui
Name in Arabic: سميرة البلوي
Nationality: Morocco
Language: Arabic, Moroccan dialect
Religion: Islam
Place of birth: Morocco
Profession: broadcaster
Genre: Artistic and Feminist Programming
Years of activity: 2000 – present
Social status: Married

Biography, Life story

Samira EL Beloui was born in Morocco. She is a Moroccan animator and program presenter. She studied at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts. In 1998, when she was a student at the institute at the time, she made a field visit to the studios of the second Moroccan channel (2M), during which she attended the filming of one of the episodes of the program hosted by the media, Nassima Al-Hur. She saw him, and in 1999 she was nominated by the Institute for training for two weeks in the digital image processing department on the same channel, but the training lasted a month and a half, and it was like a transformation. She says that she ended the training report with the words (bye). In 2000, she finished her studies at the institute, and applied for a job to manage the channel, so her request was accepted immediately, and she joined the channel, establishing her professional path in the graphics department, because the profession for which she came to television is digital image processing behind a computer and has nothing to do with activation or program presentation. Before she had the opportunity to present the musical variety program and the video clip (Rubaiyat), succeeding the brilliant presenter Imad Al-Natifi, to make her way in the world of television presenting, she says (although I was working in the image processing department, I was eager to work as a presenter), Later, she began presenting the program (Dozeem World) directed to children, in cooperation with colleague Sana Al-Qadmairi, then she returned to the musical variety programs and video clips through the program (Rubaiyat) and then the program (Toub Tarab), in addition to participating in presenting the singing talent discovery competition (Studio 2M). She also co-presented a party (12 centuries of Moroccan history).

She says that all the programs that were assigned to her until this stage are existing programs that were assigned to her to replace another presenter, and it was very difficult because she finds herself in front of an audience of a thousand other faces that have her place, and until this stage she was continuing to work as an image processing technician in the graphics department, until she moved To prepare and present the daily women’s program (Sabahiyat 2M) since March 2011 with Laila Al-Shawai and Laila Al-Hadiwi, which was the first program she launched from the beginning. The art of living, legal advice, education, family and more. She also activated a number of festivals, including (Mawazine), (Kaftan), and New Year’s Eve parties. During this period, she also worked as a presenter of radio programs on (Duzim Radio).

List of works


Rubaiyat, Dozeem’s World, Toub Tarb, Studio 2M, Evening Morning 2M (2011)

Evenings and festivals

12 centuries of Moroccan history, Mawazine, Caftan.


An activist on Radio Duzem.


Image processing technician in the graphics department.