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Nidal Al Ahmadieh, a famous Lebanese journalist and media personality, was born on September 9, 1963 in Kuwait.

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Name in English: Nidal Al Ahmadieh
Name in Arabic: نضال الأحمدية
Full real name: Nidal Ali Al Ahmadieh
Nationality: Lebanon
Language: Arabic, Lebanese dialect
Religion: Islam (Druze)
Date of birth: September 9, 1963
Place of birth: Kuwait
Age: 59 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Profession: Journalist
Genre: artistic media, political media
Years of activity: 1971 – present
Social status: divorced
Ex-husband: Walid Matar
Sons: Ronnie
Father: Ali Al Ahmadieh
Mother: Muna
Brothers: Nasir, Tariq, Talee’, Diaa, Jamila, Khaleda

Biography, Life story

Nidal Al Ahmadieh was born on September 9, 1963 in Kuwait, to a Lebanese Druze family from Mount Lebanon. Her father’s name is Ali and her mother’s name is Manwa. Her father was close to the late Lebanese politician Kamal Jumblatt, and one of the founders of the Progressive Socialist Party, and her father was killed before her eyes. She is 20 years old. She worked in many institutions without being an employee, and she currently owns a magazine and a satellite TV channel in the name of The Bell.

I knew Nidal Al Ahmadieh for the first time at the age of 16, when she outperformed 7,000 male and female participants who competed for the gold medal in the “Studio El Fan” program for the presentation category, and Al Ahmadieh won the gold medal, but after graduating from the university, she left the TV and moved to work as a press editor, then she began to develop in the journalistic ladder Little by little. Her beginnings were in the political field, but after the assassination of some of her colleagues and the assassination of her father, and she received threats because of her provocative writings to some of the political parties in Lebanon at the time, she realized that politics was fraught with dangers, so she moved to work in Radio Lebanon, Voice of the People, Lebanon TV, (LBC) and other stations and major newspapers.

Then she turned to the artistic press, and she became famous for her disagreements with many male and female artists, and for defaming them through her magazine and television, and among her most famous disagreements; Her disagreement with the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe and her accusation of Haifa trying to kill her, and the artist Haifa, in turn, filed several cases against Nidal Al Ahmadieh, accusing her of filming and publishing video clips of her in immoral and defamatory situations, and so on, and Nidal obtained a verdict of innocence. She also has disagreements with singer Ahlam, artist Nawal Al Zoghbi, and many others.

She also launched severe attacks on the Egyptian artist, Amr Diab, at the beginning of 2013 in various issues of Al-Jaras magazine, describing him, in her words, as an old man who should retire at a specific age, and that his songs are not a heritage like that of Sayed Darwish, and she does not like his songs. And that he refused to meet a journalist in her magazine, but so far Amr Diab does not respond to her, which angered her. The multiple articles against Amr Diab angered his fans, which made the audience suspect that she agreed with the artist Melhem Barakat to attack together at the same time.

Nidal Al Ahmadieh obtained a divorce from her husband, Dr. Walid Matar, after waiting 18 years, and she stated on the “Against the Current” program presented by Wafaa Al-Kilani: (I asked for a divorce from my husband because he forgot my birthday). She has one son, Ronnie.

In 2002, Nidal Al Ahmadieh was subjected to an assassination attempt when one of the artists tried to kill her in front of her house, and this resulted in many material and moral damages to her, as this resulted in concussions in Nidal’s middle ear, the fall of her front teeth, and deep wounds in the head that led to the sewing of 74 stitches in her head, in addition to many other other injuries. Artists, such as Melhem Barakat, Simon Asmar, Rida Boutros, Assi El Hallani and his wife Colette, Ragheb Alama, Diana Haddad and many others gathered around her in her ordeal.

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