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Nelly Furtado, a Canadian singer of Portuguese descent, was born on December 2, 1978 in Victoria, British Columbia.

Biography and life story of celebrity in English.

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Name in English: Nelly Furtado
Full real name: Nelly Kim Antonio Jose Furtado
Nationality: Canada
Language: English
Religion: Christianity (Catholic)
Date of birth: December 2, 1978
Place of birth: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Age: 43 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Profession: Singer, songwriter, musician, composer
Genre: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae
Musical Instruments: Harp, Piano
Years of activity: 1996 – present
Social status: Married
Husband: Demacio Castellon
Sons: Nevis
Father: Antonio Jose Furtado
Mother: Maria Manuela

Biography, Life story

Nelly Furtado - Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado was born on December 2, 1978 in Victoria, British Columbia, in the far west of Canada. Among three children, she is from a family originally from Portugal, where her grandparents immigrated to Canada and settled there in the late seventies. Her father’s name is Antonio Jose Furtado, and her mother’s name is Maria Manuela. She learned the Portuguese language as a child, and after graduating from her school (Mount Douglas Secondary School) in 1996, she moved to live in Toronto, and there she formed a trip-hop duet with “Newkirk” called it (Nelstar), and this is a playful term that means (Nelly star), and they recorded Together, a song called (Like) did not become popular. Furtado was working as a cleaner with her mother, who was a housekeeper in Victoria.

Furtado sang for the first time at the age of four with her mother on Portugal Day in church. She started learning musical instruments at the age of nine, where she learned the trombone, the aquile as well as the harp and the piano. Nelly started writing songs at the age of 12 and in her teens she worked in a Portuguese show band. In 1999, Furtado joined DreamWorks Records, for which she produced her first song, “Party Just Began (Again)”, which was called for short (Party) and was used as the soundtrack for the movie (Brokedown Palace). Furtado later included the song on her first album (Wah, Nelly!).

Nelly Furtado - Nelly Furtado

In 2000, she released her debut album (Wah, Nelly!), which earned her her first Grammy Award for her debut single (I’m Like a Bird).

In 2002, she was nominated for a Grammy Award four times as Nelly’s first single “I’m Like a Bird” won Best Female Pop Performance.

In 2003, she gave birth to her daughter, Nevis, in Toronto, Canada, with her former lover, Jasper Jahuina, who left her and refused to marry her. He had a romantic relationship with her for 4 years until they separated in 2005. Her fame and stardom decreased due to her preoccupation with caring for her little girl. And she released her second album (Folklore), which was not as successful as the first album, especially with the bankruptcy of DreamWorks, which produced the album, and selling it to Universal International.

In 2006, the music producer Timbaland became the producer of her albums, and she released her third album (Loose), sparking a revolution from the rock and trip-hop color that she started with, moving to other modern colors such as pop, hip-hop, RnB, and reggaeton. The most successful album of all time in 2006, especially since it released many successful songs such as the song (Maneater), which achieved unparalleled success in the United States and England, and the song (Promskyus), which is a duet with the participation of its producer Timbaland. At this stage, her artistic path became inclined to pop at the expense of rock, which made her crowd out many great singers such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. She won the Brit Awards for Best International Solo Singer in Britain, the World Music Awards as the best rock / pop singer, and 5 awards at the Juno Awards held in Canada, which is the most prestigious award in Canada.

Nelly Furtado - Nelly Furtado

In the same year, Furtado, Enrique Iglesias, Kanye West, Kelly Rowland, Snoop Dogg, Kelly Clarkson, MTV, BET, and Nike collaborated to perform a song at an HIV awareness concert in South Africa. On the occasion of World Disease Day. Furtado hosted a program about HIV on MTV, which also featured singers Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake.

In 2007, she culminated her success with her collaborations with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland with the hit single “Stay It to Me” from Timbaland’s second studio album, and building on that success, she released the single “Crowd Control” with Justin Timberlake.

In the same year, it was announced that she was engaged to Cuban sound engineer Demacio “Demo” Castlón, whom she fell in love with during the recording of her album Loss. And in 2008, she married him.

That same year, she donated $1 million from one of her concerts to the charity Free the Children, which aims to prevent child abuse and exploitation.

In 2008, 2009 and 2010, she appeared as a guest star on several albums by several singers, and also released several singles.

In 2010, she was honored at the opening ceremony (Canada’s Walk of Fame), where a star was engraved with her name on that road to immortalize her name along with the names of major Canadian artists.

In the same year, she released her first album containing her most famous songs, titled (The Best of Nelly Furtado).

In 2011, she voted for the leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May, in the Canadian federal election.

In 2012, she released an English-language album, The Spirit Indestructible.

Furtado is known for her use of many instruments, voices, genres, languages, and vocal styles. This diversification was influenced by its wide musical color and interest in different cultures.

List of works – Discography

Nelly Furtado - Nelly Furtado


Studio Albums

Whoa-Nelly! (2000), Folklore (2003), Loose (2006), Mi Plan (2009), The Spirit Indestructible (2012), The Ride (2017).

Other Albums

Mi Plan Remixes (2010), The Best of Nelly Furtado (2010).


I’m Like a Bird (2000), Turn Off the Light (2001), …On the Radio « Remember the Days » (2001), Hey, Man! (2002), Fotografía (with Juanes) (2003), Powerless « Say What You Want » (2003), Try (2004), Força (2004), Explode (2004), The Grass Is Green (2005), No Hay Igual ( 2006), Promiscuous (featuring Timbaland) (2006), Maneater (2006), Say It Right (2006), All Good Things « Come to an End » (2006), Te Busqué (featuring Juanes) (2007), Do It ( 2007), In God’s Hands (2007), Manos al Aire (2009), Más (2009), Bajo Otra Luz (featuring Mala Rodríguez) (2010), Night Is Young (2010), Big Hoops « Bigger the Better » (2012) ), Spirit Indestructible (2012), Parking Lot (2012), Waiting for the Night (2012), Islands of Me (2016).


This part reviews the songs shared by Nelly Furtado and other singers with their names:

What’s Going On (among Artists Against AIDS Worldwide) (2001)
Ching Ching (2002) Ms. Jade + Timbaland + Nelly Furtado
Give It to Me (2007) Timbaland + Nelly Furtado + Justin Timberlake
Win or Lose (2008) Zero Assoluto + Nelly Furtado
Broken Strings (2008) James Morrison + Nelly Furtado
Jump (2009) Flo Rida + Nelly Furtado
Morning After Dark (2009) Timbaland + Nelly Furtado + SoShy
Sunglasses (2009) Divine Brown + Nelly Furtado
Who Wants to Be Alone (2010) Tiësto + Nelly Furtado
Wavin’ Flag (2010) Among Young Artists for Haiti
Hot-n-Fun (2010) NERD + Nelly Furtado
Is Anybody Out There? K’naan + Nelly Furtado (2012)
Be OK (2013) Dylan Murray + Nelly Furtado

Music Videos

This part reviews the official music videos released by Nelly Furtado until 2013:

From the album (Whoa, Nelly!)
I’m Like a Bird, Turn Off the Light , …On the Radio (Remember the Days), Hey-Man!
from the album (Folklore)
Powerless (Say What You Want), Try, Força, Explode.
from the album (Loose)
Promiscuous (featuring Timbaland), Maneater, No Hay Igual (Remix, featuring Residente Calle 13), Say It Right, All Good Things (Come to an End), In God’s Hands, En las Manos de Dios, Do It.
From the album (Mi Plan)
Manos al Aire (Original and English subtitled version)
More (Original and English subtitled version)
Bajo Otra Luz (Radio Edit, featuring La Mala Rodríguez)
From the album (Mi Plan Remixes)
Fuerte (Original English version, featuring Concha Buika)
From the album (The Best of Nelly Furtado)
Night Is Young
From the album (The Spirit Indestructible)
Big Hoops “Bigger the Better”
Big Hoops “Bigger the Better” (Home Made Version)
Spirit Indestructible
Parking Lot (Original and Fagault & Marina Remix version)
Waiting for the Night
Bucket List


Burn in the Spotlight Tour (2001), Come as You Are Tour (2004), Get Loose Tour (2007–2008), Mi Plan Tour (2010), The Spirit Indestructible Tour (2013).


Roswell (2001), Floribella (2006), One Life to Live, CSI: NY, Punk’d (2007), Max Payne (2008), Big Brother Brasil 10, Score: A Hockey Musical (2010), 90210 (2012) , A Date With Miss Fortune (2015).