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Myriam Klink is a Lebanese model and singer, born in 1970 in southern Lebanon.

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Name in English: Myriam Klink
Name in Arabic: ميريام كلينك
Nationality: Lebanon
Language: Arabic, Lebanese dialect
Religion: Christianity
Date of birth: 1970
Place of birth: Southern Lebanon
Age: 52 years (in 2022)
Profession: Model, singer, blogger
Years of activity: the nineties – until now
Social status: Single

Biography, Life story

Myriam Klink

Myriam Klink was born in 1970 in southern Lebanon. And Ihab Tawfik in the song “Habibi”. After a long career in modeling, she decided to move to the world of singing. In 2012, she released her first song, “Antar”, which caused a lot of confusion.

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