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Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, was born on August 21, 1963 in Rabat, Morocco.

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Name in English: Mohammed VI
Name in Arabic: محمد السادس
Full real name: Muhammad ibn al-Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn Yusuf ibn al-Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn Hisham ibn Muhammad ibn Abdullah al-Khatib ibn Ismail ibn Mawlay Ali al-Sharif al-Alawi
Language: Arabic, French, English, Spanish, Moroccan dialect
Residence: Rabat, Morocco
Religion: Islam (Sunni)
Date of birth: August 21, 1963
Place of birth: Rabat, Morocco
Age: 59 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Leo
Profession: King of Morocco, entrepreneur, banker
Years of activity: 1999 – present
Social status: divorced
Ex-wife: Princess Lalla Salma
Sons: Princess Khadija, Prince El Hassan
Father: Hassan II (the late King)
Mother: Latifa Hamo
Brothers: Prince Rachid, Princess Lalla Meryem

Biography, Life story

Mohammed VI - Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI was born on August 21, 1963 in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. He was attached to the Qur’anic book attached to the royal palace in Rabat since the age of four. He finished his primary and secondary studies at the Mawlawi Institute, and obtained a baccalaureate, in June 1981. He continued postgraduate studies in law at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences at Mohammed V University in Rabat, where he obtained a license in 1985 on the subject (The Arab African Union and the Kingdom’s strategy in the field of international relations. In Years 1987) and 1988 he obtained the first and second certificates for postgraduate studies, a certificate of advanced studies in political science and public law with distinction. During the years 1988 and 1989, he received a six-month training in the office of Mr. Jacques Delors, then President of the European Economic Community.

On October 29, 1993, he obtained a doctorate in law, with a very honorable distinction, from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, after defending a thesis on the topic (Cooperation between the European Common Market and the Arab Maghreb Union). George Washington University awarded him an honorary doctorate degree on June 22, 2000. He is fluent in the Arabic language: French, Spanish, English, Amazigh, and Japanese. He has published a book and several articles on Euro-Maghreb cooperation.

Mohammed VI - Mohammed VI

When he was crown prince, his father, King Hassan II, entrusted him with many tasks, and sent him as an envoy to the leaders of brotherly and friendly countries. He also participated in many forums, at the national, Arab, Islamic, African and international levels. In parallel, the Coordinator of the offices and interests of the General Command of the Royal Armed Forces (November 26, 1985). He was also promoted by his father to the rank of lieutenant general (general du coeur d’armée) on 12 July.

King Mohammed VI ascended the throne of Morocco on July 23, 1999, following the death of his father, King Hassan II. On the same day, he received the legal allegiance in the Throne Hall of the Royal Palace in Rabat, to be the twenty-third king of the Alawite dynasty, and the Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces. On July 30, 1999, King Mohammed VI solemnly performed Friday prayers and delivered the first Speech to the Throne. This date was officially adopted to celebrate the Throne Day. According to a study published in 2009 and supervised by international researchers and specialists, he is one of the fifty most influential Muslim personalities in the world.

Mohammed VI - Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI married Princess Lalla Salma Bennani on March 21, 2002, at the Royal Palace in Rabat. On May 8, 2003, the birth of Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan was announced at the Royal Palace in Rabat. On February 28, 2007, the birth of Her Princess Lalla Khadija was announced, at the Royal Palace in Rabat.

In 2018, King Mohammed VI underwent a successful heart surgery after abnormalities were detected. While singer Donia Batma gave him the song “Bashara Khair”, congratulating him on the success of the operation, his recovery and his return to Morocco after a period of convalescence he spent in Paris, the capital of France.

In the same year, news spread about his separation from Prince Lalla Salma.

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