Mariam Al-Ghamdi

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Mariam Al-Ghamdi, a Saudi actress, broadcaster, director and writer, was born on January 1, 1949 in Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia.

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Basic info wiki card

Name in English: Mariam Al-Ghamdi
Name in Arabic: مريم الغامدي
Full real name: Mariam Muhammad Al-Ghamdi
Saudi nationality
Language: Arabic, Gulf dialect
Religion: Islam (Sunni)
Date of birth: January 1, 1949
Place of birth: Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia
Age: 73 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Profession: Actress, Broadcaster, Director, Writer
Years of activity: 1962 – present

Biography, Life story

Mariam Al-Ghamdi was born on January 1, 1949 in Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia. She is the first Saudi woman to stand on stage, the first to work in acting, and the first Saudi broadcaster through radio, which she worked for as a child in 1962. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in English literature from King Abdulaziz University in 1989. She is the first Saudi woman to own a production and distribution company for radio works And television, she was one of the first to read the news bulletins when the Saudi news channel was launched and the first woman to read the news bulletin on Radio Riyadh. She is also the first Saudi woman to write the script in television works since 1983. She also worked as an administrator in girls’ education as a teacher in public schools. She participated in controversial dramas that caused her to be assaulted and threatened. She was appointed among the first three female members of the Board of Directors of the Culture and Arts Association, for the first time in the history of the association.

List of works


Panthers (x), Ramadan Mubarak (1995), The Starting Line, Tash Ma Tash 5 (1997), Excuse My Father (1998), Stay with Me 5 (2000), Where are you, the path of booty, Remnants of Ashes (2002), Ya Hala (2002) 2004), The End of a Road (2005), The Price of Feelings, Prisoner Papers, Callers at the Gates of Hell (2006), Al-Darwaza, Tash Ma Tash 15, Me and You and the Internet (2007), Mohsen Al-Hazani, Prince of Love and War, Children of the Falcon, Departure, Mistake Nouf (2008), Desert Hawamer (2009), Desert Hawamir 2, Sakinat fi Qulubina (2010), Desert Hawamir 3, Days and Nights (2011), Desert Hawamir 4, From the Other, Woman’s Game, Women of Glass (2012), Alright, This is Hanna (2013), Al-Sarbil (2014), From us and us, Al-Dhahiba, Scholarships, The Harvest of Time, Selfie (2015), Al-Sheikh Alley (2016).

TV Nights

A Spinster by My Choice (1996), The Way to Heaven (1999).


Arandas, First and Next, Zhai Mokh, The Miser and the Fashila.
Unappointed Visitor (x), A Story of Struggle (2014).


On Television

Family and society, letters of the alphabet, Mama Mariam (several parts), the news bulletin (the news channel),

On Radio

News Bulletin (Radio Riyadh), Baba Abbas Diary (1962), Shatha Al-Andalus (1985), A Woman from the Tower of Resilience (1999), The Story of the Arabs (2014).


Some of her books have been translated into Italian, Norwegian and English.
I Love You Book Series.
A series of books of names and women.
A book and we fell in love.

Awards and Honors

– Award for Best Author of Radio Social Drama. In the same year, she won an award for The Evening Road to Paradise at the Tunis Festival of the Union of Arab Broadcasting.
– In 1985, the merit award for her role in the series (Shatha Al-Andalus), which was produced by the Egyptian Voice of the Arabs radio station.
– She was honored at the Kairouan International Festival in Tunisia with a group of Arab and foreign writers and artists in 2005
– She was honored at the 21st Janadriyah Festival, with her participation as a voice in the play (The Funeral) by the Emirate of Al-Jouf Region.
– She participated in the Women’s Development Conference in Abu Dhabi and presented a working paper on television script and production at the invitation of the UAE Women Writers Association in Sharjah.
– She participated in the first forum for businesswomen in Muscat.
– She was honored at the “Laha” exhibition in 2012.