Jamal Suliman

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Jamal Suliman, a Syrian actor, was born on November 20, 1959 in Damascus, Syria.

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Name in English: Jamal Suliman
Name in Arabic: جمال سليمان
Nationality: Syria
Language: Arabic, Syrian dialect, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Residence: Egypt
Date of birth: November 20, 1959
Place of birth: Damascus, Syria
Age: 62 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Profession: Actor
Genre: Syrian and Egyptian drama
Years of activity: 1981 – present
Social status: Married
Wife: Rana Salman
Sons: Muhammad

Biography, Life story

child Jamal Suliman was born on November 20, 1959 in Damascus, the capital of Syria, to a family of nine brothers. At the age of seven, he began working in more than one profession, including blacksmithing, carpentry, and car washing. At the age of 14, his inclinations turned towards theater and he began to practice it as an amateur actor with a group of amateur actors called (the Quneitra Youth Band) for three sessions in the Amateur Theater Festival, which was held by the Syrian Ministry of Culture in the seventies of the last century. He joined the Syrian Artists Syndicate in 1981.

Jamal Suliman obtained a license from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts – Damascus. Then he obtained a master’s degree in theatrical studies, theatrical directing department from the University of Leeds in 1988, then returned to work as a professor of acting at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art and as a professional actor in film and television. He played the main character in a large number of television works, some of which formed milestones in his career. Syrian drama journey. He also worked in the field of cinema through some films (The Remaining, Traveling). He directed the opening and closing performances of the Damascus Film Festival in several sessions. And he directed the operetta (The Embrace of the Springs) in Abu Dhabi, sung by Asala Nasri, on the occasion of the 2004 Children of Sheikh Hazaa Literary Awards.

In 2015, he was dismissed from the Syrian Artists Syndicate by the decision of the late Zuhair Ramadan, head of the Artists Syndicate.

He contributed to several humanitarian activities inside and outside Syria.

Jamal Suliman married the Syrian actress Wafaa Mousalli, but they separated after 8 years, and in 2003 he married Rana Muhammad Salman, the daughter of the former Syrian Minister of Information, and he has one son, Muhammad.

List of works – Filmography


During his artistic career, he participated in many theatrical performances, such as:

A story of an announced death, My Poor Marat, Historical Miniatures, The Magic Violin, Servant of Two Masters, Voices that Turned the World, Al-Mutanabbi.


The Remaining (1995), Traveling (1997), Gray Spaces (1999), Halim (Egyptian film, 2006), Baby Doll Night (Egyptian film, 2008), Al-Qurban (2015).


Syrian Series

For You, Sham (1989), Migration of Hearts to Hearts (1990), Days of Fear (1991), Daghari, The Disappearance of a Man (1992), Khan Al-Harir- Part 1, The Unfinished Painting, The Condemned (1996), Khan Al-Harir- Part 2, Girl Al-Darrah, Death Coming to the East, Bahr Ayoub, A Thread of Blood (1997), Al-Thuraya, Yaqut Al-Hamwi, Green Hearts, A Bench in the Garden (1998), The Four Seasons – Part 1, Al-Mazar District, Summer Snows, Snakeskin (1999), Secret Anwar, Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, Magic of the East, Sham Sharif (2001), Saqr Quraish, The Four Seasons – Part Two (2002), Spring of Cordoba, Memories of the Coming Time (2003), Palestinian Alienation, The White Thread, The Exposed World, Adol (2004), Sticks of Tears, Kings of Sects (2005), People of Love – Part 1, Dew of Days (2006), On the Brink of the Abyss (2007), People of the Flag (2008), Cup of Blood (2009), Memory of the Body (2010), The Fortune of Silver (2011) ), Faces and Places, The Godfather – Al Sharq Club (2015).

Egyptian Series

Devil’s Gardens (2006), Critical Moments, Children of the Night (2007), Iblis’ Joys (2009), Love Story, Safiya’s Affair (2010), Back Streets (2011), Our Master (2012), Weak Point (2013), Friend of a Lifetime (2014).

Voice Over

Great Migrations: A National Geographic Documentary Show.

Awards and Honors

A certificate of appreciation from the jury at the Damascus Film Festival.
An appreciation award for his artistic works, awarded to him by the Syrian Minister of Information in 1995.
Honored at the Arab Child Parliament conference in Amman in 2003.