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Dalal Abdelaziz, Egyptian actress, born 16 January 1960 in Sharqiya governorate, Egypt.

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Name in English: Dalal Abdelaziz
Name in Arabic: دلال عبد العزيز
Full real name: Dalal Abdelaziz Mohammed
Nationality: Egypt
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: 16 January 1960
Place of birth: Oriental Governorate, Egypt
Date of death: 7 August 2021
Place of death: Engineers, Giza, Egypt
Cause of Death: COVID-19
Age: 61 years, 06 months and 21 days (at 2021)
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Profession: Actress
Genre: Films, Series, Egyptian Plays
Years of activity: 1977 – present
Social status: Married
Husband: Samir Ghanem (Egyptian actor)
Sons: Dunya Samir Ghanim, Amal (Amy Samir Ghanem)

Biography, Life story

Dalal Abdelaziz & Samir Ghanem

Dalal Abdelaziz (Dalal Abdelaziz) was born on January 16, 1960, in Sharqiya governorate, Egypt. She received a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagaziq and a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Media, Cairo University.

Dalal Abdelaziz entered the artistic field in 1977 through some small roles in some of the works, including the series “Girl of the Days”, and her actual start was when the artist Noor al-Damardash presented to the theatre, participated in many series, plays and film films, during which she was able to receive several awards as the best actress.

Dalal Abdelaziz married Egyptian actor Samir Ghanem in 1984, with whom she had their daughters Dunya (Dunya Samir Ghanem) and Amal (Amy Samir Ghanem), both of whom entered the acting, and who are related to the actress Mesa Maghreb.

Dalal Abdelaziz died on August 7, 2021 in the Muhandis neighbourhood of Giza governorate in Egypt at the age of 61 from COVID-19.

List of works – Filmography

Dalal Abdelaziz & Samir Ghanem


Made in Egypt. No retreat, no surrender. sorry for inconvenience Our gang has no other branch. Fish and analogy. Our hot girls. Oh, Lord Boy. Save what can be saved. Car thief. Well of treason. Shawish Hassan. Ashmawi. Ex-employers. Women’s police. Rich and poor. Groom in the lottery. Quorum and dog. The three idiots. Khamis invades Cairo. Bump. Man of fire. revenge. Detective. Troubles are at risk. Fugitive to hell. Rowdy trip. Dancer and bar. Groom in the lottery. Time and dogs. Sleep in honey. Five-star thieves. Female and hornet. Criminal against his nose. Men are in danger. A Bahraini girl. Woman and woman. Congratulations and Bulbul. Girls’ secrets. victims. Rattling. Samir, Shahir and Behair.


Her Majesty’s tears. Nights of Dreaminess – Part I and II. No with Yahya Fakhrani. Never had. Bridge of danger. Justice has many faces. Morning and evening talk. Man and two women. Kafr Askar. High School. Imad al-Din’s time. Arendley’s son. Promise and walk written. Sea custom. Escape. Big Oi – Part III. Badri’s. City doors.


Hey, Doctor. Hallelujah, sweetheart. Hey brothers and I don’t. Love in infidelity. Knight Beni Khiban.