Amr Youssef

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Amr Youssef, Egyptian actor, born 23 December 1981 in Cairo, Egypt.

Biography and life story of celebrity in English.

Basic info wiki card

Name in English: Amr Youssef
Name in Arabic: عمرو يوسف
Full real name: Amr Nabil Rashad Youssef
Nationality: Egypt
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: 23 December 1981
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 40 years (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Profession: Actor
Genre: Drama, Egyptian cinema
Years of activity: 2007 – present
Social status: Married
Wife: Kinda Alush (Syrian actress) (2016 – now)
Brothers: Ala, Ali

Biography, Life story

Kinda Alloush & Amr Youssef

Amr Youssef was born on 23 December 1981 in Cairo, Egypt. He has a sister named Ola and a brother named Ali. He studied international law at the Faculty of Law and obtained an English bachelor’s degree. He began his artistic career in 2002 as a television advertising actor and as a model in comic songs, and in 2005 he served as a broadcaster on the Rotana Cinema Channel for two years. He started acting in 2007 through the first part of the Dali series with artist Noor al-Sharif, and participated in the second part in 2008, becoming his artistic starting point for the world of stardom.

In 2009, Amr Youssef co-starred in Hanem bint Pasha series with Hanan Turk, and presented his first film work through the film “Haramiya Prank” with a group of young actors including Mahmoud Abdul-Ghani, Ahmed al-Saadani, Iman al-Assi. In 2010 he co-starred in the series “The Blind Cat” with Hannan Turk, participated as a guest of honor in the second part of the series “Critical Moments”, participated as a guest of honor in the series “Aiza Atjouz” with artist Hind Sabri, and presented his second film experience in the film “Noor Aini” with Tamer Hosni and Mina Shalabi. In 2011, he presented a film (One True) with Hani Salama, a film (Reaction) with Mahmoud Abdel-Ghani, a series (Citizen X), the third and final part of the series (DALI), and as a guest of honour in the series (Nouna Al-Mu ‘auna) with Hannan Turk. In 2012 he acted in the film Bertita, co-starring in the series Third Party, and the series Long Drama (Avenger). In 2013 he presented the series “Friendly Fire” with Mena Shalabi, Rania Youssef and Kinda Alloush.
In Ramadan 2018, he starred in the series Taya with Saba Mubarak.

Personal and emotional life

Amr Youssef was associated with Egyptian actress Mei Nur al-Sharif, and after a period of engagement we announced in 2011 that he had quietly and amicably dissolved his engagement. In 2016 he married Syrian actress Alush.

List of works – Filmography


On Air (2006), Haramiyah Dump (2009), Noor Aini (2010), One True (2011), Reaction, Bertita (2012), Lad Rizk (2015), As His Bear Every Day, Hepta (2016).


Dali 1 (2007), Dali 2, Nasser, Critical Moments 2 (2008), Hanem bint Basha (2009), Ayza Atjoub, Blind Cat (2010), Nouna Al-Mu ‘auna, Dali 3, Citizen x (2011), Third Party, Avenger (2012), Friendly Fire (2013), Count down (2014), Black (2015).