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Amr Khaled, an Egyptian Islamic preacher and thinker interested in social reform, was born on September 5, 1967 in Alexandria, Egypt.

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Name in English: Amr Khaled
Name in Arabic: عمرو خالد
Full real name: Amr Mohamed Helmy Khaled
Nationality: Egypt
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam (Sunni)
Residence: London
Date of birth: September 5, 1967
Place of birth: Alexandria, Egypt
Age: 55 years (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Profession: Islamic preacher
Years of activity: 1988 – until now
Social status: Married
Wife: Ola Abdel Latif
Sons: Omar, Ali
Father: Mohamed Helmy Khaled

Biography, Life story

Amr Khaled was born on September 5, 1967 in Alexandria, Egypt. He is the founder of the Life Makers Association. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Cairo University in 1988. He carried out several student and sports activities, and worked in an accounting office for seven years. Then he opened his own accounting office in the capital, Cairo, and obtained a Bachelor of Islamic Studies, and a doctorate in Islamic Sharia under the title “Islam and Coexistence with the West” from the University of Wales, UK, May 19, 2010.

The beginning of his advocacy work in Egypt was at the beginning of the current century, he began giving lessons in several clubs, neighborhoods and mosques, and his stardom was launched and his fame spread throughout the Arab and Islamic countries through satellite screens through the Iqra satellite channel, and he presented many television programs that achieved great fame in Its beginnings, he founded the Egypt Future Party in 2012, but he resigned from it for political reasons on the one hand and his desire to devote himself to the call on the other.
He married when he was 24 years old, Dr. Ola Abdel Latif, and has two sons, Ali and Omar.

The character of Amr Khaled appeared in the series The Group, which tells the biography of Hassan Al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Amr Khaled left Egypt for London and then decided to return to Cairo, in a move that some interpreted as a deal between him and the Egyptian government in order to improve its image before the world during the Egyptian elections, although he denied all of this. In May 2009, the Egyptian regime issued a decision banning Amr Khaled from broadcasting his programs from Egypt and not showing them on Egyptian satellite channels such as Al-Mehwar and Al-Hayat.

In November 2008, Amr Khaled announced that he had stopped the project to confront poverty and drop out of education, “a human project” in Egypt only, and that he would complete the project in other countries. Young people were invited to go to charities registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Egypt.

List of works

Amr Khaled presented a number of television programs, published a number of books, and participated in several campaigns and initiatives. This is a list of jobs organized by year.


Amr Khaled presented many TV programs, which are as follows:
We meet loved ones (Iqraa channel, 2001-2003), Our Islam (Egyptian TV, 2002), episodes on family problems (ART channels, 2003), until they change themselves (ART channels, 2003), Quranic thoughts (ART channels, Ramadan 2003). Ramadan Lectures (ART Channels, Ramadan 2003), Makers of Life (Iqra Channel, 2004-2005), In the Footsteps of the Beloved (Iqra Channel, Ramadan 2005), In Your Name We Live (ART Channels, Ramadan 2006), The Truth of the Messenger of God (Al-Resala Channel, Ramadan 2006), Human Glances (Al-Mehwar Channel, Ramadan 2006), A Call to Coexistence (Various Satellite Channels, 2007), Heaven in Our Homes (Various Satellite Channels, Ramadan 2007), Stories of the Qur’an (Al-Mehwar Channel – Al-Resala Channel – Abu Dhabi Channel, Ramadan 2008), Stories of the Qur’an 2 (Al-Mehwar Channel – Al-Resala Channel – Sham Channel, Ramadan 2009), Revamped, A Journey to Happiness (Ramadan 2010), tomorrow is better (2011), with the followers (MBC Channel – Al Masrya Channel – Al Qahirah Wal Nas Channel, Ramadan 2011), Omar, Creator of Civilization (MBC Channel, Ramadan 2012), Words from the Heart (Dream Channel), The Story of Andalusia (MBC Channel – LBC Channel, Ramadan 2013), Faith and Age (2015).


Amr Khaled has published several books that have been translated into several languages, especially French, as follows:
Morals, worship, reforming hearts, patience and taste, Joseph, until they change what is in themselves, stories of the prophets, in the footsteps of the beloved, life makers, heaven in our homes, the successors of the Messenger, worships of reflection, Quranic thoughts, in your name we live, stories of the Qur’an, a call to coexistence, I am Make on Earth a Caliph, Faith and Age, Rafi Barakat.

Campaigns and initiatives

Protection Campaign (2008), Knowledge is Power Initiative (2011), Awareness Campaign (2012).

Student and sports activities

– President of the Student Union of the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University, 1988.
– Vice-President of the Union of Faculties of Cairo University, 1988.
He was a member of the junior team in the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club in 1985.

Awards and Honors – Impact

Amr Khaled was among the 100 most influential people in 2007, according to Time magazine.
Sixth most influential person in the world, according to the website of the American Foreign Policy magazine.
– In the Newsweek Distinguished Class list in an April 2008 issue.