Ahmed Rizk

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Ahmed Rizk, an Egyptian actor, was born on March 23, 1976 in Alexandria – Egypt.

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Basic info wiki card

Name in English: Ahmed Rizk
Name in Arabic: أحمد رزق
Nationality: Egypt
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: March 23, 1976
Place of birth: Alexandria, Egypt
Age: 46 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Aries
Profession: Actor
Genre: Cinema, Drama
Years of activity: 1995 – present
Sons: Hamza, Omar, Yahya

Biography, Life story

Ahmed Rizk was born on March 23, 1976 in Alexandria, Egypt. He began his artistic career at the beginning of his youth with the play (The Beautiful and the Beasts) with the Egyptian actress Laila Alawi and Hajjaj Abdel-Azim as a substitute for the late artist Alaa Wali El-Din in 1996, then moved to Cairo and participated after that in the movie (Sitt Al-Satat) in 1998, and his obesity helped him to be chosen by director Hassan. Kamal to work with him in the series (The Other Man) in 1999, immediately after the end of his studies, and it was the first step towards success, and (a cultural film) was a good start for him in 2000, so his works continued after that between cinema, theater and television, so he worked in (Because God loves you) And starring in the movie (Sharm Barm) and (Youth on the Air), then the movie (Mafia) with the Egyptian actor Ahmed El-Sakka, and then the movie (Awareness and Shak), and an absolute starring in the movie (The Monster Who Falls From You) with the Egyptian actress Ola Ghanem. He also participated in several TV series, including (Juha Al-Masry, Egyptian Papers, Sarah, Al-Aar, Al-Kif).

List of works – Filmography


Ismailia Rayeh Gay (1997), Six Women, Youth on the Air. Cultural Film (2000), Because Our Lord Loves You (2001), Sharm Baram (2001), Mafia (2001), Awareness and Shook (2003), Hamada Yabil (2004), Lakhma Ras (2005), The monster that fell from you. The Turbine (2007), Alzheimer’s (2010).


Morning and Evening Talk, The Other Man, Juha Al-Masry, Egyptian Papers, Hema Days of Laughter and Tears, Sarah, Fouash, Shame. Brothers are Enemies (2012). Red lines, excellence.


Sukar Hanim, Beauty and the Beast.