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Ahmed Adam, Egyptian actor, born May 15, 1958 in Alexandria, Egypt.

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Name in English: Ahmad Adam
Name in Arabic: أحمد آدم
Full real name: Ahmed El-Sayed Mohamed Adam
Nationality: Egyptian
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: May 15, 1958
Place of birth: Alexandria, Egypt
Age: 64 years (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Profession: Actor
Genre: Egyptian cinema
Years of activity: 1981 – until now
Social status: Married
Sons: Islam, Sarah

Biography, Life story

Ahmad Adam - Ahmad Adam

Ahmed Adam was born on May 15, 1958 in the Abu Suleiman neighborhood in Alexandria – Egypt. He received a Bachelor of Commerce at Alexandria University. His artistic debut was through the Child Theater at the Freedom Culture Palace in Alexandria, and he participated in several plays based on university novels in comedy roles, where he imitated the stars.

Ahmed Adam was widely known on the “Secret of the Land” program in 1994, as the character Al-Qarmouti. The artist discovered him, Mohamed Sobhi, where he presented him in a group of plays, including the play (You are free) in 1981, the play (The Barbarian) in 1985, and the play (Al-Mahzouz) in 1985. After that, his works continued and varied between several plays, series and films. He was also able to star in a number of comedic and non-comedy films. And he proved that he can perform all roles. In addition, he has experimented with presenting programs through Bani Adam Show. He has a tremendous ability to improvise, talk nonstop, and act fast.

Ahmed Adam is married and has two sons, Islam and Sarah.

List of works – Filmography

Ahmad Adam - Ahmad Adam

Ahmed Adam has participated in a number of works, including films, series, and plays.


Fashionable Passport, Genius Five, Professor, Escape, Oh Pudding, Beggars and Gentlemen, Runaway from Conscription, Obedience Warning, The Forgotten, Madinos, Laughter and Play, Find and Love, Traffic Light, Oh You Love, You Love, We Love and Negev 2, Silence of the Sheep, Resignation of an Officer Police, a fish and four sharks, and I don’t intend to stay, under the quarter for a pound and a quarter, no blame, Dabis, the savior of Sima, the average white man, what is in it?, an Indian movie, sorry, we are deceived, Sabaho is a lie, Shaaban Al-Fares.


AR Original Role (1987). Sanbel after a million (1987). Nucleus (1991). Hadeeth Fikri Abaza (1993). The Secret of the Earth (1994). Good Morning (1995). An incomplete passport, witness (1995). Koo Dreams (1995). El-Gohary’s Life (1996). Television in my house (1997). Al Qarmouti on a secret mission (1998). My Life You (2006). Al-Furaji (2010).


People have a fortune, behind every madman is a woman, you are free, the savage, the shaken, the bulldozer, the cheater and the bogeyman, take the money and run, a very modern family, the fox in the playground, I love you, criminal, the terrorist Attia, you rose up, counselor, apparently they stole his servant, mind you From Jum’ah, the infallibility is in the hands of my mother-in-law, Houda Karama.


Bani Adam Shaw (6 parts).