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Abdel Moneim Amiry, a Syrian actor, of Palestinian origin, was born on January 18, 1970 in Damascus, the capital of Syria.

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Name in English: Abdel Moneim Amiry
Name in Arabic: عبد المنعم عمايري
Nationality: Syria
Language: Arabic, Syrian dialect
Religion: Islam
Origin: Palestine
Residence: Syria
Date of birth: January 18, 1970
Place of birth: Damascus, Syria
Age: 52 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Profession: Actor
Genre: Drama
Years of activity: 1997 – present
Social status: divorced
Ex-wife: Amal Arafa (2001-2015)
Sons: Salma, Maryam

Biography, Life story

Abdel Moneim Amiry was born on January 18, 1970 in Damascus, the capital of Syria. He was originally from the village of Al-Ja’una, east of Safed, in Palestine. In 1970, he graduated from the Acting Department of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, and joined the Syrian Artists Syndicate in 1997. He then started working on TV dramas in the same year.
Abdel Moneim Amayri married the Syrian actress Amal Arafa in 2001, and he gave birth to Salma and Maryam, then they separated in 2015.

In 2020, the engagement of Abdel Moneim Amayri and the Lebanese artist Dana Halabi was announced.

List of works – Filmography


Al-Thuraya, Faience Bath 2 (1997), Mashrou’ Umm, Sapphire, The Black Thorn, Khan Al-Harir 2, Travel (1998), Dunya, The Last Days of Mulberry, Those Days, A Warm Heart, Snake Skin (1999), City Secrets (2000), Rainbow, Congratulations, Searching for the Impossible, Sham Sharif, Undying Dreams, Rebellious Days (2001), Roses in Salty Soil, Will, Bridging Legends, Short Distance Train, Migrant Spirits, Spotlight 2 (2002), Memories of the Coming Time, Mirrors, Girls of Akrekoz, A Woman in the Shadow, The House of Glory, Our Sweet Days, The Finish Line, Spotlight 3 (2003), Ishtar, The Silence Barrier, People of the City, Autumn’s Tale, We Lived and We Saw, Spotlight 4 (2004), Flying Bird, The Outlaws Tomorrow is Sweeter (2005), Days of Childbirth, Breaking Thoughts, Along the Days, Will of Passion, People of Love 1, The Last Rose, Hassiba, Small Projects, Al Mahrous, Mirrors (2006), Al Haram Al Shami 1, Biography of Love, The Second Night After a Thousand Shadow of a Woman, The Shawish’s Groan, The Invasion (2007), Struggle on the Sands, Spotlight 6, Jasmine Collar, Ask Your Soul, The Heedlessness of Days (2008), The Bottom of the City, About Fear and Isolation, Under the Treads, Faint Voices, Vitamin Radio (2009) The Curse of the Mud, The Forbidden Bread, After the Fall (2010), Sabaya 3, Sayeen Lost, The Leader, A Spot of Light 8, The Ascendant of Silver (2011), Naked Souls, The Key, Blink of an Eye, Birth from the Loin 2 / Hours of Embers, Our Story Doesn’t End (2012), Rings, The Sieve, Cry of Spirit 2, Sweetness of the Spirit, Spotlight 10, Law (2014), Haret al-Mashreqa, Cry of Spirit 3, Knight and Five Maidens, Tomorrow We Meet, Sawa (2015).


Soul breeze, shadow silhouette.



Historical miniatures, rima, fractions, echo.


Echo (2001), Chaos (2005), Tactics (2008), Jan Jenin (2009), Silicon (2010).


Participate in your look is not strange.

Awards and Honors

Best Presentation and Direction Award for the play (Fauda) in (Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre).